Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New at This Blog Thing

So....I read so many blogs and thought hmmm....could I do that? I am not a great writer but love to talk about my life. Especially my kids and thought this is a great way!! If nobody else reads this...thats ok!! It is a good way to just journal about my family's everyday crazy life! Let me tell you, life with a 3 year old, a baby and doing daycare, life can get pretty crazy!! I love my daycare kids like they are my own!! We have lot's of fun!! Now that the weather is nice it is a stress reliever for me! The kids can finally play outside and give me some peace and quiet!! Oh how I love spring!

Since it is a gorgeous day I am going to go enjoy the weather with the kids!! How do you enjoy the beautiful weather with your family?

1 comment:

  1. I like to enlist my kids in gardening help under the guise of "playing together in the garden" or paying them for little jobs they do. I love seeing the sense of accomplishment they have, and they are learning how to see God through creation at the same time!