Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and Birthdays

I meant to do an Easter post on Monday but this week is getting away from me! That's fine with me!! I am so excited for this weekend that it's fine with me if the week goes fast! The reason I am excited for the weekend is that my husband and I are going to Sioux Falls for the weekend to celebrate his birthday! Just me and him no kids. We need a break and sleep! Benjamin has been keeping us up at all hours of the night with an ear infection! Any way I am getting away from the title of my post!

Easter!! I love Easter! It is a time of newness! Jesus raising from the grave! What can be more marvelous than that! Spring time! I have been longing for spring all winter! Need to send the kids outside so I can have a break during the day! I love watching the trees get leaves and the flowers bloom. I love green grass not brown. I love the warmth of the sun and getting to sit outside with my family at night!

Easter Sunday we went to church and sang some of my favorite hymns. One of my absolute favorite hymns is "Because He Lives". After church we went to mom and dad Foreman's house and had dinner with the Foreman side that lives around hear. Sunday evening we spent the evening at mom and dad Kats house. Abby loves going to her Grandpa and Grandmas house! She had so much fun Sunday dressing up in her new Easter dress and she even let me curl her hair all pretty! She had fun playing with all of her cousins. It was nice out so they could play outside!

There is my beautiful family on Easter!
Today is my husbands 28th birthday!! Happy birthday Brad! Love you so very much! It is also my Grandma Rens 89th birthday!
Last night we got together and had cake and ice cream to celebrate! I am so thankful to have had all of my 25 years to spend with my Grandma! She is still working one day a week! Can you believe that?? Love you Grandma!
It is also my Uncle Bob's birthday! Happy Birthday! Hope all of you are having amazing birthdays!

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